• 23Jul


    Here’s what I promised with my former blog. A delicious, easy dip Baba Ganoush. This may become a favorite of yours. Healthy and delicious. Serve it with slices of pita bread. I got hooked on Mediterranean food when I was attending College in Los Angeles. The best part was there were so many plant based foods to enjoy at Greek Restaurants. Falafels – made with fava beans and garbanzo beans served in a pita bread and Baklava a totally wonderful decadent dessert were two of my favorites.


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  • 23Jul


    I love Baba Ganoush. An easy to prepare eggplant dip. Only problem was I really didn’t know how to bake eggplant. (An important component in making this dip.) That is until I came across this video. I tried it last night and it was so easy to do. Roasting eggplant is so useful to know. You can even serve the eggplant as is, and your guests can scoop the delicious flesh and eat it. Surprise, it is not bitter when done this way. Tomorrow I’ll post a wonderfully easy recipe for Baba Ganoush. So pick out a large dark purple eggplant and roast it then follow the directions for the dip.


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  • 12Jul

    Imagine you’re going to Los Angeles, or even planning a trip to the Big Apple. Maybe even thinking about a trip out of the country. Well if you are looking for healthy food, or a vegetarian or vegan searching for a place to eat. You search is over. Check out Happy Cow. That website will transport most anywhere in the world for your search for delicious food. We went to Europe and found a great place in France to eat. Speaking of France, they were very helpful for a vegetarian. I had no problem eating there. Lots of links all over the world and links in the USA. Was overwhelmed with the links I found in San Francisco.
    Try the California links here:
    Happy Cow California


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  • 06Jul

    I just saw this wonderful food idea to make for entertaining. A grill made out of watermelon with kabobs. There are directions in thia link and a video. Make your event memorable with presentation and wonderful food.


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  • 05Jul


    Get ready for some fun food ideas that are easy and creative. Love simple recipes that are good for you and kid friendly? We will be posting some soon.  Our emphasis is fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and other plant based foods.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July.  Please feel free to comment on my blog.

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