• 10Sep

    Plant based and Vegan. This is so easy to make and perfect as an energy snack after exercising. Best part of all is that you actually know what is in this. Do you have a food processor? If so this will make a quick nutritious delicious snack. Pumpkin pie reminds me of Thanksgiving. That’s coming up in a few months.



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  • 09Sep



    I found this brilliant dessert at cookingwithmanuela.blogspot.com This is her own version of apple rose dessert. Which is not only stunning to look at but delicious to eat. This post not only shows you how to do it step by step but has a video that you can watch.

    This is a beautiful dessert to make. I use a puff pastry without dairy ingredients. (Which is a definite plus for me)  Most puff pastry has dairy in it.  I found this (non dairy) pastry at a local store and will give you the name of the company later.   I’m not sure if  puff pastry is available in whole wheat without dairy. But as soon as I locate it you will be the 2nd to know.  I would use organic fruit flavored apricot preserves without any additional sugar. This is an impressive and not to difficult dessert to make.


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  • 23Jul


    Here’s what I promised with my former blog. A delicious, easy dip Baba Ganoush. This may become a favorite of yours. Healthy and delicious. Serve it with slices of pita bread. I got hooked on Mediterranean food when I was attending College in Los Angeles. The best part was there were so many plant based foods to enjoy at Greek Restaurants. Falafels – made with fava beans and garbanzo beans served in a pita bread and Baklava a totally wonderful decadent dessert were two of my favorites.


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